Engage your Web3 Community


Engage your Web3 Communities with on-chain Forums.

Create key community moments.

Dispatch's token gated Forums can be set up in a few clicks, and complement Discord and Twitter as a place to have persistent, search indexable discussions.

Award tokens and NFTs directly to wallets

Users connect to your community with their Solana wallets.

Survey users and collect their votes

Users can upvote ideas they support and earn karma points.

Keep important stuff organized

Whether it’s announcements, FAQs, or stuff you should know, Dispatch makes community resources easy to find.

Explore forums from around the web

“Dispatch looks and feels like Reddit but takes the concept further because degens earn real internet points or tokens for their participation.”
Crass Kitty, Product Degen Ape Academy
"Dispatch Forums are designed for community creators and members, and setting one up takes just minutes!"
Kay, Founder of Women in NFTs
"Dispatch can be used with Discord and Twitter as links, or as a stand-alone forum with the option to integrate into the project’s site or other apps like we’re doing at Holaplex."
Damian Rebman, CPO at Holaplex

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